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Free of custody
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In a few steps
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Operational 24/7

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We have a number of benefits that will improve management of your NFT wallet
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Create your own NFT collection

Collect unique pieces of digital art all in one place. We will store them securely and you can access them in our app at any moment.

Send and receive NFTs

You can send your NFTs to any user in two simple clicks and also easily receive NFTs right into your wallet. NOW Wallet supports NFTs on Ethereum (ERC-721 and ERC-1155 standards) and Solana. NFTs on Binance network will also be added soon 🔥

Securely store your NFTs

Your NFTs are safe and sound with us. Feel free to set up a password whilst entering the app and take advantage of the ability to backup your assets to ensure their safety.

Buy and Sell NFTSSoon

Marketplace function is coming soon! Marketplace will allow users to purchase and sell NFTs right in the app without any additional hassle.

Value of NFTs

NFT is a non-fungible token that is stored on a blockchain and represents a unique piece of a digital file or a real-life asset. NFTs are irreplaceable and unique. NFT art is praised for its inclusivity and the possibilities it provides a diverse range of artists with.