Is NOW Wallet a safe Wallet?

The NOW Wallet's noncustodial feature grants users complete control over their funds. Everything stored on the user's devices. No private keys, backup files, or any user data are stored on the server. Also, no third party can access private information.

With a seed phrase of 12 or 24 words, that generates randomly, the user can generate keys to manage funds.

  • User creates personal PIN to enter into the wallet
  • Safety of your funds is powered in accordance with the international ISO 270001/SOC2 standards
  • Users do not need to enter personal data to create a wallet, deposit or withdraw their funds.
  • Since the Software is locally installed, users are responsible for the security of the device on which it is installed, including ensuring to keep anti-virus software current and otherwise protect the device on which the Software is installed against malware.
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